Reactions to Empire 978-3-16-153414-0 - Mohr Siebeck

Reactions to Empire

Sacred Texts in their Socio-Political Contexts
Ed. by John Anthony Dunne and Dan Batovici

[Reaktionen auf das Kaiserreich. Heilige Texte in ihrem sozial-politischen Kontext.]

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The contributors to this volume explore sacred texts in their context, from Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and Rabbinic Judaism. Each essay in the collection addresses the issue of oppressive imperial ideology and the extent to which the authors of sacred texts engaged their political contexts.
The authors of this volume explore various instances of theo-political visions of authoritative texts in Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, and Early Christianity, and as such offer a broader perspective on the topos »sacred texts in their context.« Instead of a narrow exploration of the »political intent« of a singular text or group of texts, the volume contains the treatment of a wide range of texts, out of different corpora, with their discrete contexts. Their juxtaposition, as well as that of the respective scholarly approaches of the essays, offers fresh insights on the matter. Each of the essays in the collection addresses the issue of oppressive imperial ideology and the extent to which the authors of sacred texts engaged their political contexts, and eight of the essays specifically present reactions to the Roman Empire.
Survey of contents
Loren T. Stuckenbruck: A Place for Socio-Political Oppressors at the End of History? Eschatological Perspectives from 1 Enoch – Amanda M. Davis Bledsoe: Attitudes Toward Seleucid Imperial Hegemony in the Book of Daniel – Nadav Sharon: Between Opposition to the Hasmoneans and Resistance to Rome: The Psalms of Solomon and the Dead Sea Scrolls – Matthew V. Novenson: What the Apostles Did Not See – Christoph Heilig: Methodological Considerations for the Search of Counter-Imperial »Echoes« in Pauline Literature – Alexander P. Thompson: Thwarting the Enemies of God: Contrasting the Death of Herod and the Resurrection of Jesus in Luke-Acts – David I. Starling: »She Who Is in Babylon«: 1 Peter and the Hermeneutics of Empire – Brandon Walker: The Forgotten Kingdom: Miracle, the Memory of Jesus, and Counter-Ideology to the Roman Empire – Candida R. Moss: Resisting Empire in Early Christian Martyrdom Literature – Bernie Hodkin: Theologies of Resistance: A Reexamination of Rabbinic Traditions about Rome

Dan Batovici Born 1976; 2009 graduated Classics in Bucharest; taught MPhil in Theology and Religious Studies in Cambridge; research MPhil in Theology and Religious Studies in St Andrews; currently a PhD candidate at KU Leuven.

John Anthony Dunne Born 1986; 2008 BA, Biola University; 2010 MA, Talbot School of Theology; 2011 MA, Talbot School of Theology; 2016 PhD, University of St Andrews; currently Assistant Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN).


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