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Marvin A. Sweeney

Reading Prophetic Books

Form, Intertextuality, and Reception in Prophetic and Post-Biblical Literature

[Prophetenbücher deuten. Form, Intertextualität und Rezeption in prophetischer und nachbiblischer Literatur.]

2014. XVI, 408 pages.

Forschungen zum Alten Testament 89

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ISBN 978-3-16-152374-8
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What has to be considered when reading prophetic books in their final literary form? Marvin A. Sweeney addresses key hermeneutical, formal, textual, and intertextual dimensions in the reading of prophetic books as well as their reception in post-biblical Jewish literature.
In this volume Marvin A. Sweeney builds upon his former work »Form and Intertextuality in Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature« (FAT 45, 2005). He introduces further studies that take up several key issues, including the reading of prophetic books in their final literary form and the significance of textual versions for this reading. He also observes the intertextual relationships between the prophets and other works of biblical and post-biblical literature, and the reception of the prophetic books. Following an introduction that lays out methodological perspective, it includes the title essay for the volume, »Reading Prophetic Books,« as well as selections of papers devoted to Isaiah, Jeremiah in both its Masoretic and Septuagint forms, Ezekiel, individual books from the Twelve Prophets, and the reading of biblical texts in Qumran, Rabbinic, and Targumic literature.

Marvin A. Sweeney Born 1953; 1983 PhD from Claremont Graduate School; Professor of Hebrew Bible at Claremont Lincoln University and Claremont School of Theology and Professor of Tanak at the Academy for Jewish Religion California.


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