Jan Schröder

Rechtswissenschaft in der Neuzeit

Geschichte, Theorie, Methode. Band 2: Ausgewählte Aufsätze 1987–2022
Herausgegeben von Masasuke Ishibe, Marie Sandström und Stefan Vogenauer
[Legal Scholarship in the Modern Era. History, Theory, Methodology. Volume 2. Selected Writings, 1987–2022.]
2023. XI, 622 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-162401-8
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-162401-8
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Jan Schröder is one of the best-known experts in the history of early modern and modern legal scholarship. This (second) volume of his selected essays contains 28 of the most important ones, as well as some shorter texts, all of which were published between 1987 and 2022.