Chang Seong An

Reconsidering the Rhetoric of Temporality in Johannine Literature

[Zeitlichkeitsrhetorik in der johanneischen Literatur.]

2024. Approx. 240 pages.
forthcoming in December

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe

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ISBN 978-3-16-162287-8
Published in English.
Chang Seon An examines temporal frames in the Johannine Gospel and letters and traces the ways that these texts employed temporality to shape belief in Christ. The author indicates that ancient writers used claims about temporality to distinguish their audiences from other groups.
In this volume, Chang Seon An argues that the writer(s) of the Gospel of John used Greek, Roman, and Jewish temporality to align the story of Jesus's death and resurrection within existing temporal frameworks. The Johannine Epistles built on this rhetoric, linking the imagined audience with the time of Christ genealogically and temporally, distancing them from a targeted »anti-Christ.« This »shared sense of time« informed the literatures and practices of a group of Johannine Christians known as the »Quartodecimans.« Temporality calculations were central for Christian self-definition: time was a way of elaborating forms of sameness and difference, and claiming an elevated role for Christ. Christ-followers debated what time can mean. If the imagined audiences of Christian, Jewish, Greek, and Roman works adopted the temporal schemes they defended, differences among and between groups would become obvious.

Chang Seong An Born 1975; 1997 BA in Philosophy from Chonbuk National University; 2005 MDiv from Chongshin Theological Seminary; 2009 ThM from Duke University; 2011 MAR from Yale University; 2019 PhD from Boston University; since 2022 Assistant Professor in New Testament and Greek, Korean Bible University, South Korea.


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