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Sabine Schäufler

Regulierung von Systemen Künstlicher Intelligenz durch die DSGVO

[The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Systems by the General Data Protection Regulation.]
2024. XXXI, 554 pages.
forthcoming in June 2024
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-163316-4
Published in German.
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    CC BY 4.0
  • 978-3-16-163316-4
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Is the GDPR a useful instrument for regulating artificial intelligence? This book examines this question. The author comes to the conclusion that the GDPR offers, at least in part, good solutions. The work covers three main topics: It analyses individual provisions of the GDPR, explores its potential for reform and highlights the limits of data protection regulation.

Schriften zum Recht der Digitalisierung (SRDi)