Maximilian Hemmert-Halswick

Regulierungstransparenz und Geheimnisschutz

Untersuchung zu behördlichen Offenlegungspflichten und ihren Grenzen am Beispiel der energierechtlichen Entgeltregulierung
[The Transparency of Regulations and Protection of Secrets. Examining Official Disclosure Requirements and their Limits on the Example of Fee Regulation in Energy Law.]
2021. XXII, 310 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-159879-1
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Network tariffs make up a large part of the end consumer's electricity bill, and criticism of their amount is often coupled with reproach for the lack of transparency about how they are set. Despite there being obligations to reveal this information, little is actually made available – authorities and network operators point to the legal caveat of protecting business secrets, saying that data disclosure could disadvantage operators, while others argue that operators are monopolies and should thus not enjoy such protection. Maximilian Hemmert-Halswick defines the legal framework in energy network regulation to suggest a balance for the conflicting and mutually exclusive interests.

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