Renaming Abraham's Children 978-3-16-154483-5 - Mohr Siebeck

Robert B. Foster

Renaming Abraham's Children

Election, Ethnicity, and the Interpretation of Scripture in Romans 9

[Abrahams Kinder umbenennen. Erwählung, Ethnizität und die Deutung der Bibel in Römer 9.]

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In this detailed investigation of Romans 9 and its biblical sources, Robert B. Foster argues that Paul applies texts from Malachi, Hosea, and Isaiah to the story of Abraham's children in Genesis. With this interpretation of Scripture, Paul builds a narrative-based ethnic identity for Gentiles and for Jews within the one family of Abraham.
In this study, Robert B. Foster explores the intersection between the interpretation of Scripture and the construction of communal identities. He argues that in Rom 9, Paul applies prophetic texts from Malachi, Hosea, and Isaiah to the story of Abraham's children in Genesis. These interpretive maneuvers enable Paul to extrapolate from the patriarchal narratives a specific construal of election: it is the ironic privilege of being simultaneously God's chosen and rejected people. This understanding of election he in turn applies to Gentile Christ-followers, the remnant, and all Israel in order to build for them an all-encompassing yet differentiated Abrahamic identity for the messianic age.

Robert B. Foster Born 1973; received his PhD from Marquette University (2011); has taught at Marquette University, Albion College, and Madonna University; currently an associate book review editor for Reviews of the Enoch Seminar.


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