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Rethinking the Ethics of John

»Implicit Ethics« in the Johannine Writings. Kontexte und Normen neutestamentlicher Ethik / Contexts and Norms of New Testament Ethics. Volume III
Edited by Jan G. van der Watt and Ruben Zimmermann
[Die Ethik des Johannes - neu bedacht. Die »implizite Ethik« in johanneischen Schriften.]
2012. XI, 395 pages.
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Does the Johannine literature teach us anything about ethics? Normally the answer is: 'Very little, apart from love for one another'. This book illustrates that the spectrum of Johannine ethics is much wider and more dynamic than was believed up to now. John is also interested in how children of God behave and live.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament (WUNT I)