Etienne de Villiers

Revisiting Max Weber's Ethic of Responsibility

[Max Webers Verantwortungsethik überdenken.]

2018. XI, 243 pages.

Perspektiven der Ethik 12

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To what extent could Max Weber's ethic of responsibility serve as a model for us today? On the basis of an interpretation and assessment of Max Weber's ethic of responsibility, Etienne de Villiers sets out to provide a satisfactory interpretation of this ethic and to address the question regarding its contemporary relevancy and applicability.
To what extent could Max Weber's ethic of responsibility serve as a model for us today? An adequate answer to this question could only be given on the basis of a satisfactory interpretation and thorough assessment of his ethic of responsibility. In this monograph Etienne de Villiers sets himself the task of doing just that. He establishes that, in spite of serious shortcomings, Weber's ethic points to the contemporary need for an ethic of responsibility as a second-level normative ethical approach that would address the undermining effect of modernisation on ethical living. Such a contemporary ethic of responsibility would provide guidelines on how ethical living could be responsibly enhanced in our time. The author also presents a brief proposal on how a contemporary ethic of responsibility might be designed.

Etienne de Villiers Born 1945; studied Theology and Philosophy; PhD 1978; emeritus professor of Christian Ethics of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria.


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