Righteousness in the Book of Proverbs 978-3-16-152347-2 - Mohr Siebeck

Sun Myung Lyu

Righteousness in the Book of Proverbs

[Das Konzept der Rechtschaffenheit in den Sprüchen Salomos.]

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Comparing Proverbs with the Psalms as well as Egyptian wisdom texts and combining insights from character ethics with the much discussed biblical scholarship on social justice, Sun Myung Lyu elucidates the concept of righteousness present in the book of Proverbs.
This study brings insights from character ethics in addition to the much discussed biblical scholarship on social justice in order to elucidate the concept of righteousness present in the book of Proverbs. The author's choice of Proverbs as a wisdom text in relation to the concept of righteousness reflects the realization that previous scholarship has not dealt with righteousness as a concept in its own right but as a corollary to the issue of social justice. Like character ethics, Proverbs use its depiction of the righteous person as its prominent pedagogic device of moral discourse. In other words, instead of offering abstract statements about morality, Sun Myung Lyu portrays the life of the righteous person as the paradigm of moral life, which is pregnant with numerous realizations into specific actions befitting diverse life situations. What the righteous person embodies is righteousness, the character in toto, which encompasses yet transcends specific virtues and actions. After presenting a comparative study of Proverbs with the Psalms and the ancient Egyptian wisdom texts, the author concludes that despite many similarities and parallels, Proverbs still stands out in its strong emphasis on character formation and internalization of virtues as foundations of morality in general and righteousness in particular.

Sun Myung Lyu Born 1963; currently assistant professor at Baekseok University in South Korea.


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