Lina Hildebrandt-Wackwitz

Schuld und Narration

Zur anthropologischen Bedingtheit und narrativen Aufarbeitung von Schuld in Auseinandersetzung mit Søren Kierkegaard, Hannah Arendt und Paul Ricœur
[Guilt and Narration. On the Anthropological Conditionality and Narrative Processing of Guilt in Discussion with Søren Kierkegaard, Hannah Arendt and Paul Ricœur.]
2022. XIX, 505 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-161444-6
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What is guilt and how can it be described? With the help of Kierkegaard, Arendt and Ricœur, Lina Hildebrandt-Wackwitz interprets guilt as an existentially stressful experience. In doing so, she shows that a narrative processing of one's own experience of guilt meets the human need for justification in a particularly concise way.

Religion in Philosophy and Theology (RPT)