Scientific Explanation and Religious Belief 978-3-16-148711-8 - Mohr Siebeck

Scientific Explanation and Religious Belief

Science and Religion in Philosophical and Public Discourse
Ed. by Michael G. Parker and Thomas M. Schmidt

[Naturwissenschaftliche Erklärung und religiöser Glaube. Naturwissenschaft und Religion im philosophischen und öffentlichen Diskurs.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-148711-8
Published in English.
The volume reflects on the science-and-religion dialogue within the context of modern liberal democracies. By exploring a number of philosophical and practical issues raised by the interaction among science, religion and politics, this book constitutes an important contribution to the larger cultural conversation about the relationship between science and religion in modern society.
The science-and-religion dialogue has now become an established part of the wider cultural debate about the respective roles of science and religion within democratic societies. Typically, science has usually been identified with the sphere of reason, fact and explanation, whereas religion has been located within the realm of experience, value and interpretation. But religions also prescribe beliefs and support these with metaphysical accounts of the self, world and God. Such belief systems are both identity-forming and comprehensive. But the pluralism of world-views within modern liberal democracies and methodological naturalism in the sciences would seem to require believers to suspend these deeply-held beliefs when engaged in public discourse or scientific inquiry. This raises a number of interesting philosophical and practical issues which this volume seeks to address. As a reflection on the matrix of science, religion and politics, this volume constitutes a major contribution to an important, but neglected topic. This book will open up new lines of research and communication not only among philosophers, scientists and theologians, but for all those interested in the larger cultural conversation about the relationship between science and religion.
Survey of contents
Philip Clayton: The Contemporary Science and Religion Discussion: A Transformation of Religious Knowledge Claims, or a Futile Quest for Legitimation? – Roger Trigg: Religion in the Public Sphere – Thomas M. Schmidt: The Contemporary Science and Religion Debate: Metaphysical or Political? – Wesley J. Wildman: The Resilience of Religion in Secular Social Environments: A Pragmatic Philosophical Analysis – Christoph Jäger: Warrant, Defeaters, and the Epistemic Basis of Religious Belief – Nancey Murphy: Is Theology Possible at the End of Modernity? – Franz von Kutschera: Scientism and Theism – Delvin Ratzsch: Intelligent Design: What Does the History of Science Really Tell Us? – Ulrich Kutschera: Intelligent Design Creationism versus Modern Biology: No Middle Way – D. Z. Phillips: Historical Versus Structural Understanding and the Fate of Transcendental Optimism

Michael G. Parker Born 1959; 1986 M.A.(CUA); 1997 M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale); is currently Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the Universität Frankfurt am Main.

Thomas M. Schmidt Born 1960; 1995 Promotion; 2000 Habilitation; since 2003 Professor für Religionsphilosophie an der Universität Frankfurt am Main.


The following reviews are known:

In: Tijdschrift voor Theologie — Jg.46 (2006), H.2, S.199 (Teije Brattinga)