Seinsgeschichte und phänomenologischer Realismus 978-3-16-153565-9 - Mohr Siebeck

Tobias Keiling

Seinsgeschichte und phänomenologischer Realismus

Eine Interpretation und Kritik der Spätphilosophie Heideggers

[The History of Being and Phenomenological Realism. An Interpretation and Critique of Heidegger's Later Philosophy.]

2015. X, 507 pages.

Philosophische Untersuchungen 37

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ISBN 978-3-16-153565-9
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Published in German.
Tobias Keiling shows how phenomenological realism develops in Heidegger's later phenomenology.
Heidegger's philosophy after Being and Time is characterized by the idea that Being must be understood historically. Yet in Building Dwelling Thinking, The Thing and other late lectures and essays Heidegger claims that the world as such appears only in relation to singular things. The relation between these senses of Being and world can only be shown in a systematic interpretation of Heidegger's texts. Through this interpretation, Heidegger's thinking can be understood as a genuinely »phenomenological realism.« Tobias Keiling shows how phenomenological realism develops in Heidegger's interpretations of Kant and Hegel and refers back to Husserlian phenomenology. In the introduction, Keiling discusses the significance of Heidegger's thoughts in current debates surrounding metaphysical realism. In his reading, Heidegger also becomes a pioneer in the discussion of materiality in cultural studies by establishing the idea that things make cultural formations accessible.

Tobias Keiling ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institut für Philosophie der Universität Bonn; 2019/2020 Feodor Lynen-Forschungsstipendiat der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung am Somerville College der Universität Oxford.


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