Alan Taylor Farnes

Simply Come Copying

Direct Copies as Test Cases in the Quest for Scribal Habits

[Einfach kopieren. Direkte Kopien als Testfälle auf der Suche nach den Gewohnheiten der Schreiber.]

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How accurately did scribes copy the New Testament? Alan Taylor Farnes analyzes copies of the New Testament with known exemplars in order to determine the scribal habits of New Testament scribes and concludes that the scribes did their best to copy with strict fidelity.
Over 5,000 copies of the New Testament exist today and not one matches the other exactly. Determining how a copyist made changes to a manuscript – or, a scribe's habits – is an essential step in recovering the original text of the New Testament and for appreciating how it has changed over time. For the vast majority of manuscripts, there is no way to know which manuscript copied from which manuscript or, which manuscript is the child manuscript and which is the parent manuscript. Alan Taylor Farnes, however, has discovered twenty-two child manuscripts whose parent version is still known today. His letter-by-letter examination of four of these manuscripts sheds invaluable light on how scribes went about their work and provides a methodology for future studies. Now we can virtually look over the scribe's shoulder and watch the work as it unfolds.

Alan Taylor Farnes Born 1985; BA from Brigham Young University; MA from Duke University; PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK); currently an adjunct instructor of New Testament at Brigham Young University.


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