Nicolai Techow

Sinners, Works of Law, and Transgression in Gal 2:14b-21

A Study in Paul's Line of Thought

[Sünder, Gesetzeswerke und Übertretungen in Gal 2,14b-21. Eine Studie über den Gedankengang des Paulus.]

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In this study of the flow of thought in Paul's speech to Cephas (Gal 2:14b-21), Nicolai Techow explains the passage as a linear and unified argument, centered on God's judgment of people in the cross of Christ as integral to justification. He argues for a primarily moral-religious meaning of sinfulness and »works of law.«
In Gal 2:14b-21, Paul relates his rejection of justification by »works of law« closely to concepts of gentile and Jewish sinfulness. In dialogue with recent interpretation, Nicolai Techow presents a detailed study of Paul's flow of thought in this passage in its historical and literary context and asks what in particular Paul's thinking indicates. Showing that the passage does present Paul's speech to Cephas at Antioch, the author argues for an interpretation which explains it as a linear and thematically unified argument, centered on God's judgment of people in the cross of Christ as integral to justification itself. Furthermore, he shows that the concepts of sinfulness and justification not by »works of law« in this text transcend »ethnicity« and are focused on the moral-religious realm generally.
Survey of contents
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Recent interpretation – scholarly main lines and key individuals
Chapter III: On occasion, date, opponents, and issues
Chapter IV: Structural and functional matters and matters of basic referents Chapter V: »We« Jewish Christians and the »sinners of gentiles«
Chapter VI: »Even we ourselves« being found as »sinners«
Chapter VII: Tearing down, building up, dying, living, and not annulling the grace of God
Chapter VIII: Conclusion

Nicolai Techow Born 1970; 2000 Cand. theol.; University of Copenhagen; 2004 PhD, University of Copenhagen; 2004−08 Coordinator of Studies at Dansk Bibel-Institut, Copenhagen; Assistant Professor of New Testament at Dansk Bibel-Institut, Copenhagen; currently Assistant Professor at Fjellhaug International University College – CPH, Copenhagen.


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