Calvin D. Ullrich

Sovereignty and Event

The Political in John D. Caputo's Radical Theology

[Souveränität und Ereignis. Das Politische in der radikalen Theologie von John D. Caputo.]

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Calvin D. Ullrich contributes to the growing debate on postmodern understandings of religion and contemporary politics. He undertakes an in-depth analysis of the work of the American philosopher-theologian, John D. Caputo, arguing for the political significance of his novel approach to theology.
In this study, Calvin D. Ullrich argues for the political significance of the philosopher-theologian John D. Caputo's radical theology. Against the backdrop of present debates, the author traces the notions of 'sovereignty and event' by drawing on the political theology of Carl Schmitt and Caputo's evolving engagement with postmodern thought; from its genesis in Martin Heidegger to its deeply involved association with Jacques Derrida. Calvin D. Ullrich shows that contrary to some misleading interpretations of his religious deconstruction, Caputo has always held nascent political concerns which culminate in his radical theology. Writing for scholars working in contemporary philosophy and theology, this book offers one of the first major in-depth analyses covering Caputo's writings of the last four decades, and seeks to defend their relevance for discussions responding to ongoing political-theological challenges.

Calvin D. Ullrich Born 1990; 2019 PhD in Systematic Theology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa; currently Research Fellow in the Ecumenical Institute at Ruhr-University-Bochum, Germany.


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In: Reviews in Religion & Theology — 29 (2022), pp. 101–108 (Mark Novak)