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Nils Goldschmidt, Georg Cremer, Sven Höfer

Soziale Dienstleistungen

Marktgestaltung für hilfebedürftige Menschen
[Social Services. Economics, Law and the Politics. 2nd updated edition.]
2nd revised and updated edition; 2023. XVI, 276 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-8252-6136-8
The authors of this textbook discuss whether and to which extent social services can be and should be offered in market settings. They provide an overview of the characteristics and the legal framework of social services. They assess different settings of social service markets based on ordo-political criteria and discuss to which extent service users do have choice and control over the services they receive. The book presents options on how social service markets can be designed to work in the interest of people seeking help.