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Special Economic Zones

Law and Policy Perspectives
Ed. by Jürgen Basedow and Toshiyuki Kono

[Sonderwirtschaftszonen. Perspektiven für Recht und Politik.]

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Special Economic Zones are often recommended as tools to boost the economy. The book deals with economic, legal and political aspects of their establishment. As an instrument of economic policy, Special Economic Zones have attracted little attention in Europe. By contrast, they have found notable use in various Asian countries.
By their very nature, Special Economic Zones encompass various elements studied in the academic disciplines of economics, political science and law. While their objectives are determined by economics, and their structures, implications and limits by law, their implementation requires a certain combination and cooperation of political forces, something which has been the subject of political science enquiries. A conference held at Kyushu University in Fukuoka convened scholars from all these disciplines to put Special Economic Zones into perspective. The papers presented highlighted functions and structures, historical aspects, the political dimension and foreign equivalents of deregulation, the interplay of such zones, and constitutional considerations. Freedom of contract and competition law, plus the effects that these economy-boosting tools may have on labour and innovation are also dealt with.
Survey of contents
Jürgen Basedow: Boosting the Economy. Special Economic Zones or Nationwide Deregulation

I. Foundations
Ren Yatsunami: Historical Perspective on Special Economic Zones in Japan – Toshiyuki Kono / Kazuaki Kagami: Structure and Functions of Special Economic Zones – Hideaki Shiroyama: Political Dimensions of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and the Importance of Local Contexts

II. Special Economic Zones and the Legal Environment
Tom Ginsburg: Special Economic Zones: A Constitutional Political Economy Perspective – Carsten Herresthal: Protection of Freedom of Contract by Private Law after (Local) Deregulation – Wolfgang Wurmnest: Special Economic Zones, Deregulation and Competition Law

III. Areas of Law Affected
Časlav Pejović: Japanese Labor Law: Hurdles on the Road to Abenomics – Shinto Teramoto: How Industrial Policy Affects the Nurturing of Innovation. From the Perspective of Intellectual Property Rights

Jürgen Basedow is Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law and Professor of Law, University of Hamburg.

Toshiyuki Kono is Professor for International Legal Studies and Private International Law at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.


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