Samuel Byrskog

Story as History – History as Story

The Gospel Tradition in the Context of Ancient Oral History

[Erzählung als Geschichte – Geschichte als Erzählung. Die Evangelientradition im Rahmen der mündlichen Überlieferung der Antike. Von Samuel Byrskog.]

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Published in English.
Samuel Byrskog employs models from the interdisciplinary field of oral history and insights from cultural anthropology in order to explain how oral accounts regularly interacted with written texts in early Christianity.
From recent reviews:
»The book contains detailed and fascinating investigations of the methods of the ancient historians of Greece and Rome for the light they are claimed to shed upon those of the New Testament writers. Whenever an ancient source is quoted, not only is an English translation given in the text, but the original language of the example is also reproduced in a footnote. Fascinating also are the discussions of relevant passages in the New Testament such as Lk 1:1–4; Jn 19:35; 21:24; and 1 Jn 1:1–4.
In this well-produced volume the author has reviewed a vast amount of ancient and modern literature on a subject of vital importance for assessing the historicity of the gospel tradition.«
John Tudno Williams in The Expository Times 2000, vol. 112, p. 59

Erzählung als Geschichte – Geschichte als Erzählung. Die Evangelientradition im Rahmen der mündlichen Überlieferung der Antike. Studienausgabe.
Von Samuel Byrskog.

Samuel Byrskog Born 1957; 1994 ThD at Lund University; currently Professor of New Testament Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Lund University.


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