Sünde und Rechtfertigung bei Paulus 978-3-16-151006-9 - Mohr Siebeck

Eun-Geol Lyu

Sünde und Rechtfertigung bei Paulus

Eine exegetische Untersuchung zum paulinischen Sündenverständnis aus soteriologischer Sicht

[Sin and Justification in Paul's Writings. An Exegetical Examination of the Pauline Understanding of Sin from a Soteriological Viewpoint.]

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Published in German.
Eun-Geol Lyu critically analyses the Christian interpretation of the Pauline understanding of sin and attempts to look again at Paul's doctrine of justification from the perspective of an understanding of sin. In this conception, the doctrine of justification entails an 'atonement theology', a theology of 'non-imputation', or rather 'non-accounting' of sin and finally a 'liberation theology'.
Eun-Geol Lyu questions Paul's understanding of sin from a Christian perspective and attempts to reinterpret his theory of justification based on an understanding of sin. In accordance with this, the doctrine of justification entails an 'atonement theology', a theology of 'non-imputation', or rather 'non-accounting' of sin and finally a 'liberation theology'. The focus of Paul's theology is thus on his understanding of sin, and not on legal polemics. This reconstruction of the theory of justification is based on the unique Pauline concept of sin in which in some passages ἁμαρτία represents a sin which requires atonement but is also a transgression which is not to be counted and in Romans even represents the power from which we are to be liberated. These aspects of sin can be traced back to Paul's endeavors to come to the defence of his anthropological prerequisite of soteriology: »We are all sinners.«

Eun-Geol Lyu Geboren 1971; Studium der Germanistik und Theologie an der Yonsei Universität in Seoul, Theologiestudium in Mainz und Heidelberg; 2007 Promotion; seit 2010 Professor für Neutestamentliche Theologie an der Hoseo Universität in Cheonan, Südkorea.


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