David A. Shaw

The 'Apocalyptic' Paul

An Analysis and Critique with Reference to Romans 1–8

[Der »apokalyptische« Paulus. Eine Analyse und Kritik mit Bezug auf Römer 1−8.]

2024. Approx. 200 pages.
forthcoming in June

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe

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ISBN 978-3-16-161700-3
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Published in English.
In this work, David A. Shaw provides careful readings of the scholars most often associated with apocalyptic readings of Paul, revealing more diversity and development than is often acknowledged. The author offers the first detailed exegetical engagement with these scholars' reading of Romans 1–8.
The most common critique of the so-called 'apocalyptic' reading of Paul has been terminological in nature, since the term is taken to imply a relationship to Jewish apocalypses. Yet advocates of the apocalyptic Paul use the term to signal a connection to an interpretive genealogy – primarily descended from Ernst Käsemann and J. Louis Martyn – and to affirm a set of theological convictions in relation to Paul's gospel. This invites a different engagement with the apocalyptic reading of Paul, leaving aside questions of nomenclature to explore those genealogical claims, and to examine how well those theological convictions are grounded in Paul. Therefore, David A. Shaw analyses contemporary accounts of the apocalyptic Paul in relation to the interpretive tradition with which they identify, and in relation to Romans 5–8, which has become the locus classicus of apocalyptic readings of Paul.
Survey of contents
Part 1: Plight and Solution in the Apocalyptic Paul
Chapter 1: William Wrede
Chapter 2: Albert Schweitzer
Chapter 3: Ernst Käsemann
Chapter 4: J. Christiaan Beker
Chapter 5: Martinus de Boer
Chapter 6: J. Louis Martyn
Chapter 7: Beverly Roberts Gaventa
Chapter 8: Douglas A. Campbell

Part 2: Analysis of the Apocalyptic Paul
Chapter 9: The Apocalyptic Plight
Chapter 10: The Apocalyptic Solution
Part 3: Critiquing the Apocalyptic Paul with Reference to Rom 1–8
Chapter 11: Engaging an Apocalyptic Tension Between Rom 1–4 and 5–8
Chapter 12: Engaging the Theme of Conflict in Rom 1–8
Chapter 13: Engaging the Characterisation of Sin, Death, and the Flesh in Rom 1–8

David A. Shaw Born 1979; 2011 MTh, Oak Hill College; 2019 PhD, University of Cambridge; currently Vice Principal and Lecturer in New Testament, Greek, and Biblical Theology at Oak Hill College, London.


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