The Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder 978-3-16-148570-1 - Mohr Siebeck
Jewish Studies

Ehud Netzer

The Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder

With the Assistance of Rachel Laureys-Chachy

[Die Architektur des großen Bauherrn Herodes.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-148570-1
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Ehud Netzer analyzes the remarkable building projects of Herod the Great during the days of the Second Temple. Accompanied by illustrations and reconstructions, this book discusses famous sites in the Land of Israel such as Masada, the Temple at Jerusalem, Caesarea Maritima, Jericho and Herodium.
Herod the Great was one of the famous builders of the classical world. Judaea, his kingdom, a crossroads between the Eastern Mediterranean countries, Mesopotamia, Arabia, and Egypt, symbolizes the transition between the Hellenistic and Early Roman periods as well as the climax of the Second Temple period, which witnessed the emergence of many religious and spiritual movements including Christianity. Beyond the influence of the matured Hellenistic architecture, the developing Roman architecture, and the local building activity of his predecessors, the Hasmonaeans, Herod's buildings benefited from his analytical mind, creative imagination, and deep understanding of the process of building and planning. The consequences are outstanding structures such as Masada's Northern Palace and Herodium's cylindrical palatial fortress, and the peak of his achievements are Caesarea Maritima with its deepwater harbor and the rebuilding of Jerusalem's Temple Mount.
Having an architectural as well as an archaeological background, Ehud Netzer is able to highlight Herod's personal involvement and contributions in his building projects. This book presents, in many aspects, the first comprehensive synthesis of Herod's enterprises from archaeological and, mainly, architectural viewpoints.

Ehud Netzer Born 1934; 1958, completed studies of architecture in the Technion at Haifa, Israel; 1978 Ph.D. Dissertation in archaeology; Professor emeritus at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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