Amiel Drimbe

The Church of Antioch and the Eucharistic Traditions (ca. 35–130 CE)

[Die Kirche von Antiochien und eucharistische Traditionen (ca. 35–130 n.Chr.).]

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With the exception of Mark 14:22–25, all the Eucharistic traditions of the earliest Christianity (ca. 35–130 CE) were composed or reworked in Syrian Antioch. But how is it that such various traditions originated or interfered in the same church, within such a short period? Amiel Drimbe answers this question and argues that, in Antioch, there was a pattern of 'recurrent additions': a recent eucharistic tradition was added to those already existing, while the older traditions were also kept and revalued.
»This is a book from which everyone will learn, and which will prompt even seasoned scholars to think again.«
Mark J. Edwards, Professor, Faculty of Theology & Religion and Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Amiel Drimbe Born 1980; 2003 BTh; 2008 MTh; 2018 PhD (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies); currently Assistant Lecturer in New Testament Exegesis, Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest.


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