Deolito V. Vistar, Jr.

The Cross-and-Resurrection

The Supreme Sign in John's Gospel

[Kreuz und Auferstehung. Das höchste Zeichen im Johannesevangelium.]

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Deolito V. Vistar, Jr. argues, that Jesus' »signs« in the Fourth Gospel do not simply refer to the eight major miracles recounted in the Gospel, but also include deeds that are non-miraculous. In the context of this broad reference, the author argues that the cross-and-resurrection is the supreme »sign« of all.
Focusing on the present text of the Fourth Gospel, Deolito V. Vistar, Jr. argues that the »signs« are not only the eight major miracles recounted in the Gospel, but also include non-miraculous deeds of Jesus (the temple »cleansing,« the washing of the disciples' feet, and so forth) that equally reveal his true identity and role as the incarnate Word of God, the supreme revealer of the Father, the Savior of the world, and so forth. Based on this broad meaning and reference, the author further argues that the complex of the cross-and-resurrection is the supreme »sign.« The earlier »signs« adumbrate and lead up to the »sign« par excellence, where Christ supremely reveals who he is and accomplishes the salvation of the world. The author builds up his case by mustering fresh arguments from the text, yielding insights and conclusions that contribute to the continuing broader interpretation of the Fourth Gospel.

Deolito V. Vistar, Jr. Born 1982; 2004 BA in Theology from FEBIAS College of Bible in Manila, Philippines; 2012 Master of Divinity, 2014 Master of Theology from Kosin University in Busan, South Korea; 2018 PhD in New Testament from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand; since 2017 Pastor at Picton Baptist Church in Picton, New Zealand.


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