Joshua J. F. Coutts

The Divine Name in the Gospel of John

Significance and Impetus

[Der göttliche Name im Johannesevangelium. Bedeutung und Anstoß.]

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In contrast to most early Christian texts, which feature Jesus's name, the Gospel of John emphasizes the name of the Father alongside Jesus's name. Joshua J. F. Coutts argues that John was attracted to the category of God's name because of its significance in Isaiah, and because the accusation against early Christians that they had blasphemed God's name sensitized him to the topic.
One of the distinctive features of the Fourth Gospel is the emphasis it places on the »name« (ὄνομα) of God. As the earliest Christian texts already exhibit a shift toward Jesus's name as the cultic or divine name, what might have motivated the Evangelist to this recovery of the divine name category? Joshua J. F. Coutts argues that the divine name acquired particular significance through the Evangelist's reading of Isaiah, which, in combination with the polemical experience and pastoral needs of early Christians, formed the impetus for his interest in and emphasis on the divine name.

Joshua J. F. Coutts Born 1983; 2006 BA in Theology (Briercrest College); 2011 MCS (Biblical Studies concentration) (Regent College); 2016 PhD in New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology (University of Edinburgh); currently Lecturer in New Testament at Regent College, Vancouver.


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