Stephen Germany

The Exodus-Conquest Narrative

The Composition of the Non-Priestly Narratives in Exodus-Joshua

[Die Exodus-Landnahme-Erzählung. Die Komposition der nichtpriesterlichen Erzählungen in Exodus-Josua.]

2017. XIV, 515 pages.

Forschungen zum Alten Testament 115

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In this study, Stephen Germany traces the literary development of the non-priestly exodus, wilderness, and conquest narratives in the books of Exodus through Joshua. In doing so, he also contributes to the recent scholarly discussion on the formation of the Pentateuch and book of Joshua.
In this study, Stephen Germany investigates the literary development of the non-priestly narratives in Exod 1–18; 19–24; 32–34; Num 10–16; 20–24; and Josh 1–12. Through a new comparison of the various literary strata in these narratives to priestly texts, the author concludes that a significant portion of the non-priestly narratives in Exodus-Joshua belong to a post-priestly stage of composition. The reconstruction of the remaining pre-priestly narrative in these books supports the theory of an exodus-conquest narrative as one of the literary precursors to the Pentateuch and book of Joshua, challenging both the Documentary Hypothesis and the Deuteronomistic History hypothesis in their various forms.

Stephen Germany Born 1985; 2016 PhD in Hebrew Bible from Emory University.


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