Hryhoriy Lozinskyy

The Feasts of the Calendar in the Book of Numbers

Num 28:16–30:1 in the Light of Related Biblical Texts and Some Ancient Sources of 200 BCE-100 CE

[Die Feste des Kalenders im Buch Numeri. Num 28,16–30,1 im Licht verwandter biblischer Texte und einiger antiker Quellen von 200 v. Chr. bis 100 n. Chr.]

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In this study, Hryhoriy Lozinskyy deals with five Jewish feasts contained in the calendar of the Book of Numbers. In the only monograph on the feasts in the Book of Numbers so far, the author takes three topics into account: sacrifices, feasts, and calendars.
In this monograph, Hryhoriy Lozinskyy studies five feasts contained in Num 28:16–30:1. Each of them is first treated in the light of biblical calendars and other related texts. The calendar in Numbers is later than an earlier version of Leviticus 23; yet the final form of Lev 23:1–44 is also a result of some later additions that took place after Num 28:1–30:1 had been composed. The author also focuses on the history of interpretation: he examines several pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and ancient Jewish writers from 200 BCE to 100 CE. He shows how these ancient sources reworked the biblical texts by expansions, clarifications, and omissions. In sum, the calendar in Numbers employs several previous traditions that dealt with the feasts, sacrifices, and calendars in order to compose the detailed list of the offerings for the appointed times. Moreover, it is a text that has been used by many ancient sources, especially in the matter of the sacrifices.

Hryhoriy Lozinskyy Born 1986; 2020 SSD Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome; currently Adjunct Professor at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA and Administrator at St John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, Trumbull, CT.


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