Mikael Haxby

The First Apocalypse of James

Martyrdom and Sexual Difference

[Die Erste Apokalypse des Jakobus. Märtyrertum und sexuelle Verschiedenheit.]

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In this study, Mikael Haxby offers a new analysis of a little-studied early Christian text. He uses recently recovered manuscript evidence to place the First Apocalypse of James in ancient debates about political violence and sexual difference.
In this study, Mikael Haxbyoffers a comprehensive reading of a little-studied ancient Christian text, making use of recently discovered manuscript evidence. This text was originally found in the Nag Hammadi Codices and has historically been classified as Gnostic or heretical. Using new manuscript evidence, the author shows that the First Apocalypse of James intervenes in ancient Christian debates about martyrdom, ritual practice, scriptural interpretation, and questions of gender in both theology and social order. By bringing the First Apocalypse of James back into dialogue with other Christian texts, whether later classified as heretical or not, this study offers new insights into how Christians responded to the threat of political violence, engaged with holy texts, and produced new social formations in which women might hold authoritative positions.
Survey of contents
Introduction: The First Apocalypse of James
Chapter 1: Preparation for Martyrdom
Chapter 2: Discourses of Martyrdom and Docetism
Chapter 3: Interpretation of Scripture
Chapter 4: Sexual Difference and the Sophia-Christ Dilemma
Chapter 5: The Seven Women Whom All the Generations Bless
Chapter 6: A Working Theory

Mikael Haxby Born 1979; 2013 PhD from Harvard University; soccer analyst for the Double Pivot podcast; freelance analyst and researcher for professional soccer teams and other entities.


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