The Identity of Jesus: Nordic Voices 978-3-16-152402-8 - Mohr Siebeck

The Identity of Jesus: Nordic Voices

Ed. by Samuel Byrskog, Tom Holmén and Matti Kankaanniemi

[Die Identität Jesu. Nordische Stimmen.]

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The authors of this volume approach the question of identity of Jesus from different angles. Their contributions compare Jesus with other figures of the period, give insights to psychological Jesus research, provide critical analysis of the research history and method, and analyze Jesus' didactive, prophetic and kerygmatic identities.
Much of the Jesus scholarship has concentrated on the so-called self-identity of Jesus. However, due to the recent emphasis on the subjective perception and memory processes in the methodology of Jesus research, it is meaningful to re-conceptualize the question. The authors of this volume approach the question of the identity of Jesus from different angles. Viewpoints vary from that of comparative religion to the analysis of the narratives Jesus told, some key events of his life and existing identities of the first century Judaism. The overall aim in this collection of articles is to provide informative and updated perspectives on one of the most central questions of the research field. The papers given in the first Nordic Symposium of the Historical Jesus in Åbo 2010 have been modified and collected to cover important aspects in the historical Jesus research. While contributions come from a rather heterogeneous group of scholars, the geographical and linguistic proximity have enabled keen and fruitful interaction, thus making Nordic voices worth hearing.
Survey of contents
Table of Contents: Kari Syreeni: The Identity of the Jesus Scholar: Diverging Preunderstandings in Recent Jesus Research – Per Bilde: Approaching the Issue of the Originality of Jesus – Matti Kankaanniemi: Jesus the Son of Joseph: Reflections of Father-Son Relationship in the Ministry of Jesus – Tobias Hägerland: A Prophet like Elijah or according to Isaiah? Rethinking the Identity of Jesus – Hans Kvalbein: Jesus as Preacher of Kingdom – Samuel Byrskog: The Didactic Identity and Authority of Jesus – Reconsidered – Renate Banschbach-Eggen: Understanding the Identity of Jesus on the Basis of his Parables – Thomas Kazen: Revelation, Interpretation, Tradition: Jesus, Authority and Halakic Development – Jostein Ådna: The Role of Jerusalem in the Mission of Jesus – Tom Holmén: Caught in the Act: Jesus Starts the New Temple – A Continuum Study of Jesus as Temple Founder

Samuel Byrskog Born 1957; 1994 ThD at Lund University; currently Professor of New Testament Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Lund University.

Tom Holmén Born 1963, 1999 ThD from Åbo Akademi University; currently adjunct professor of New Testament Exegetics at Åbo Akademi University and University of Helsinki.

Matti Kankaanniemi Born 1974; 2002 M.Sc.Econ from Turku School of Economics and Busines Administration; 2010 ThD from Åbo Akademi University; currently lecturer of Biblical Studies and Social Sciences at Iso Kirja College, Keuruu Finland.


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