Richard H. Bell

The Irrevocable Call of God

An Inquiry into Paul's Theology of Israel

[Die unwiderrufliche Berufung durch Gott. Eine Untersuchung zu Paulus' Theologie Israels]

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Published in English.
Richard Bell examines Paul's theological understanding of Israel. The author asks in what ways Paul was critical or supportive of Israel, what were his hopes for the future and how is one to view certain contemporary issues regarding Israel in the light of Paul's theology.
Richard Bell examines the impact of Paul's life changing experience before Damascus on his theological understanding of Israel. The book considers the development of Paul's view concerning the election and salvation of Israel, paying special attention to 1 Thessalonians, Galatians and Romans. The author examines Paul's critique of Israel's religion in the light of traditional protestant approaches and the 'new perspective'. The work concludes by considering some contemporary issues relating to Israel in the light of Paul's theology.

Richard H. Bell Born 1954; 1979 PhD in Theoretical Atomic Physics; 1991 DrTheol in Protestant Theology; Reader in Theology at the University of Nottingham, UK.


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