The Last Years of Paul

Essays from the Tarragona Conference, June 2013
Ed. by Armand Puig i Tàrrech, John M.G. Barclay, and Jörg Frey with the assistance of Orrey McFarland

[Die letzten Jahre des Paulus. Aufsätze von der Tarragona Konferenz, Juni 2013.]

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Paul's life is one of the most fascinating stories from antiquity, and its last few years are shrouded in mystery. This volume collects essays by a group of leading experts that shed fresh light on the circumstances and events of Paul's final journeys, his experiences in Rome and his death.
What happened in the last few years of Paul's life? Did he ever get to Spain? How and why did he die? Were his plans fulfilled or frustrated? How should we interpret our scant sources? And what light can be shed on these matters by the social, historical, and legal context of Paul's life? In this fresh investigation of the central historical questions, a group of leading international scholars bring together their collective expertise on the apostle Paul and on the Roman, Jewish and early Christian worlds in which he lived and died. Through new scrutiny of all the key sources, a number of fresh questions and hypotheses are developed, with wide significance for all who wish to know about the climactic and traumatic final years of Paul.
Survey of contents
Table of Contents: John Barclay: The Last Years of Paul: What are the Issues? – Reimund Bieringer: The Jerusalem Collection and Paul's Missionary Project: Collection and Mission in Romans 15.14–32 – Michel Quesnel: The Collection for Jerusalem in the Context of Paul's Missionary Project: Theological Perspectives – N.T. Wright: Paul's Western Missionary Project: Jerusalem, Rome, Spain in Historical and Theological Perspectives – Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr: Roman Jews under Nero: Personal, Religious, and Ideological Networks in Mid-First Century Rome – Erich Gruen: The Jews of Rome under Nero – Peter Lampe: Roman Christians under Nero (54–68 CE) – Peter Oakes: Using Historical Evidence in the Study of Neronian Christian Groups and Texts – Loveday Alexander: Silent Witness: Paul's Troubles with Roman Authorities in the Book of Acts – August Borrell: Paul and the Roman Authorities – Heike Omerzu: The Roman Trial Against Paul according to Acts 21–28 – Friedrich W. Horn: The Roman Trial Against Paul According to Acts 21–26. Reply to Heike Omerzu – Bernardo Santalucia: Paul's Roman Trial: Legal Procedures regarding Roman Citizens Convicted of Serious Charges in the First Century CE – Juan Chapa: Paul's Social Status and the Outcome of his Trial – Valerio Marotta: St. Paul's Death: Roman Citizenship and summa supplicia – John Cook: Roman Penalties Regarding Roman Citizens Convicted of Heavy Charges in I CE – Daniel Marguerat: On Why Luke Remains Silent about Paul's End (Acts 28.16–31) – Tobias Nicklas: No Death of Paul in Acts of Paul and Thecla? – Glenn E. Snyder: History of the Martyrdom of Paul – Wolfgang Grünstäudl: Hidden in Praise: Some Notes on 1 Clement 5.7 – Rainer Riesner: Paul's Trial and End according to Second Timothy, 1 Clement, the Canon Muratori, and the Apocryphal Acts – Jens Herzer: The Mission and the End of Paul Between Strategy and Reality: A Response to Rainer Riesner – Udo Schnelle: Paul's Literary Activity during his Roman Trial – Daniel Gerber: Paul's Literary Activity during His Roman Trial: A Response to Udo Schnelle – Armand Puig ì Tarrech: Paul's Missionary Activity during His Roman Trial: The Case of Paul's Journey to Hispania – Christos Karakolis: Paul's Mission to Hispania: Some Critical Observations – Angelo di Berardino: Roman Tradition on Paul's Death: Literary and Archaeological Data – Romano Penna: The Death of Paul in the Year 58: A Hypothesis and Its Consequences for His Biography – Jörg Frey: Paul the Apostle: A Life Between Mission and Captivity

John M.G. Barclay Born 1958; undergraduate in Cambridge (Classics and Theology); 1986 PhD in Cambridge; since 2003 Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University.

Jörg Frey Born 1962; 1996 Dr. theol.; 1998 Habilitation; Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland; Honorary Doctorate of the Faculty for Theology at the University of Uppsala (Sweden).

Armand Puig i Tàrrech Born 1953; 1984 PhD in Biblical Sciences; 1993 Coordinator of the Catalan Ecumenical Bible (BCI); 1997 Co-Director of the »Corpus Biblicum Catalanicum«; 1999 Ordinarius for New Testament in the Theological Faculty of Catalonia (Barcelona); 2006 President-Dean of the Faculty; 2009 Deputy-President elect of the »Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas« (SNTS).

Orrey McFarland No current data available.


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