Frazer MacDiarmid

The Memory of Ignatius of Antioch

The Martyr as a Locus of Christian Identity, Remembering and Remembered

[Die Erinnerung an Ignatius von Antiochien. Der Märtyrer als Ort der christlichen Identität, Erinnerung und des Gedenkens.]

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Frazer MacDiarmid demonstrates how 'memory' provides an interpretative key to unlock Ignatius of Antioch. The author proves that Ignatius' rich literary legacy shows the martyr to be at once one who remembers, one aspiring to be worthy of remembrance, and one who is indeed remembered.
The concept of 'memory' provides remarkable insight into the early second-century bishop and martyr Ignatius of Antioch. In this work, Frazer MacDiarmid seeks to explore the nature of this insight and unpack its significance. Ignatius' rich literary legacy and personal preoccupation with remembering make him uniquely suited among early Christians to be unlocked by the key of memory. As is becoming increasingly recognised, remembering in community is central to the development of the early church, its theology and self-understanding. This volume is structured around three related questions: What is the nature of the memories inherited by Ignatius and his communities, and how are they engaged in the rhetorical and polemical context of his letters? How does Ignatius construct himself as a figure to be remembered by Christian interpreters? And how was Ignatius in fact memorialised in early Christian history?
Survey of contents
Part I: The Remembering Ignatius
Chapter 1: Patriarchs, Prophets and Israel: Remembered and Reconstructed
Chapter 2: Ignatius' Inheritance of 'Extra-Christian' Memory
Part II: 'Memory Poiesis' – Ignatius as a Forger of his own Memorialisation
Chapter 3: θυσία θεοῦ: Ignatius' Self-Construction as Sacrifice
Chapter 4: The Girardian Ignatius
Part III: The Early Christian Memory of Ignatius
Chapter 5: Authenticity and Forgery in Literary Remembrance
Chapter 6: Ignatius in the Long Recension
Chapter 7: The Ignatian Cult: Martyrology and Material Culture

Frazer MacDiarmid Born 1993; 2013−16 BA in theology, Christ Church, University of Oxford; 2017 MSt in patristic theology, University of Oxford; 2021 DPhil, University of Oxford; currently civil servant in Wellington, New Zealand.


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