Clare K. Rothschild

The Muratorian Fragment

Text, Translation, Commentary

[Das Muratorische Fragment. Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar.]

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Published in English.
Considered the oldest testimony in Latin for an authorized canon of New Testament books, the Muratorian Fragment is a lightning rod in biblical studies. This fresh edition and study of the text analyzes the text from numerous scholarly perspectives.
This volume offers an introduction, critical edition, and fresh English translation of the Muratorian Fragment. In addition to addressing questions of authorship, date, provenance, and sources, Clare K. Rothschild carefully analyzes the text's language, composition, genre, and possible functions with reference to a breathtaking range of scholarly positions and findings from the eighteenth century to the present. She also investigates its position within the eclectic eighth-century Muratorian Codex (Ambr. I 101 sup.). A line-by-line philological commentary draws attention to literary, philosophical, and religious aspects of the individual traditions represented. This study should be of interest to scholars of the New Testament and early Christian literature, as well as experts on the emergence of the canon and historians of the Latin Medieval West.

Clare K. Rothschild Born 1964; 1986 BA University of California, Berkeley; 1992 M.T.S. Harvard University; 2003 PhD University of Chicago; Professor of Scripture Studies at Lewis University.


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