Tyler A. Stewart

The Origin and Persistence of Evil in Galatians

[Ursprung und Fortbestand des Bösen im Galaterbrief.]

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Was Paul's view of evil based on Adam's fall or a mere reflex of Christology? Tyler A. Stewart argues that, in Galatians, Paul's thoughts about where evil comes from and why it continues are not based on Adam's fall as the background story, but rather the rebellion of angels.
In this study, Tyler A. Stewart investigates narrative explanations for evil in Galatians set in the context of Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity. Scholarship has typically interpreted Paul's view of evil based on Adam's fall or a mere reflex of Christology. In contrast, the author argues that in Galatians Paul's view of evil is based on the narrative of rebellious angels found in the Book of Watchers. Additionally, he claims that Paul's use of Enochic tradition is consistent with Second Temple Jewish literature and finds support in early Christian reception of Galatians.

Tyler A. Stewart Born 1984; 2008 BTh; 2012 MDiv; 2019 PhD; since 2017 Assistant Professor of New Testament at Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, IL).


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In: Religious Studies Review — 49 (2023), p. 228 (Zachary L. McNeal)