Eric E. Hall

The Paradox of Authenticity

[Das Paradoxon der Authentizität.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-153863-6
Published in English.
The pursuit of authenticity is the pursuit of a social transcendence that allows one to become one's own original self-creation. Eric E. Hall argues that this transcendence is impossible without the one who is actually transcendent: God.
In this book, Eric E. Hall takes up the question of the meaning of a vigorously used concept in the liberal west: authenticity and the pursuit of personal originality. By uncovering this idea's uses within three deepening contexts – the ethical, the ontological, and the theological – the author unfolds authenticity's origins and implications. To the degree that authenticity seeks in all contexts freedom from social horizons, the conclusion renders attempts to embody this ideal secularly impossible. The goal requires a total transcendence that only the divine could fulfill. Human authenticity thus emerges in creatively imitating God's self-sacrificial expression on the cross, which both transcends and revalues the horizons of this world.

Eric E. Hall Born 1980; 2005 MA in Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University; 2010 PhD in Philosophy of Religion and Theology from Claremont Graduate University; since 2013 Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy; since 2015 Raymond G. Hunthausen Professor of Peace and Justice at Carroll College.


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