Petr Gallus

The Perspective of Resurrection

A Trinitarian Christology

[Die Perspektive der Auferstehung. Eine trinitarische Christologie.]

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Because the Christian faith stands and falls with Jesus Christ, Christology is at the heart of its theology. Answering the question of Jesus Christ's identity is therefore urgent. Petr Gallus attempts to do so by critically reflecting on tradition and articulating it for today.
For the Christian faith as well as its theology, the Easter confession of resurrection has always been the fundamental idea. Starting from this elemental perspective and following the notions of internal realism, semiotics and the postmodern paradigm, Petr Gallus reconstructs the central theological locus of Christology as ontological Christology. In so doing, the author examines the traditional Chalcedonian Christology, as well as many Christological concepts of the last decades, following it critically and proposing an original solution. The whole concept is based on the notion that consistent Christology is possible only against the backdrop of the Trinity, which is the necessary framework and, in some points, necessary unloading of Christology.

Petr Gallus Born 1979; studied protestant theology in Prague, Marburg, and Tübingen; 2005 PhD; 2005−06 assistant professor at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg; 2006−16 vicar and pastor; since 2016 assistant professor at Charles University, Prague; 2021 habilitation (in progress).


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