C Marvin Pate

The Reverse of the Curse

Paul, Wisdom, and the Law

[Die Umkehrung des Fluches. Paulus, die Weisheit und das Gesetz. Von C. Marvin Pate.]

unrevised e-book edition 2019; Original edition 2000; 2000. XXII, 536 pages.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 114

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C. Marvin Pate demonstrates from the undisputed Pauline writings that wherever Paul employs the theme of wisdom, he does so to reverse the Deuteronomic curses and blessings. In accomplishing this, Pate highlights Paul's doctrine of justification, which signals the end of the Mosaic Law.
C. Marvin Pate examines the undisputed Pauline writings and demonstrates that wherever Paul employs the theme of wisdom, he does so to reverse the Deuteronomic curses and blessings. The covenantal blessings rest on those whose faith is in Christ, the wisdom of God, while the covenantal curses abide on those who attempt to obey the Torah. All of this results from Paul's separation of Christ, God's wisdom, from the law of Moses.
In addition, the author deals with two secondary themes. First of all, he calls the 'new perspective' on Paul into question. Secondly, a revised form of the 'Tübingen theory' is put forth. Both of these points call scholarship back to a more Lutheran reading of the subject of Pauline theology, emphasizing the importance of law and gospel therein.
Survey of contents
Introduction: The Current State of Research. A Survey
Forschungsbericht – The Procedure of This Study
I. Wisdom, Law, and the Deuteronomistic. Tradition: Theocratic Interpretations
II. Wisdom and Law in Diaspora Judaism. Apologetic Interpretations
III. Wisdom and Law in Jewish Apocalypticism
IV. Apocalyptic, Sectarian Interpretations of Wisdom and Law. 1 Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls
V. Wisdom and Law according to the Pre-Christian Paul. A Theoretic Interpretation
VI. The Apostle Paul's Disassociation of Wisdom and Law in Galatians. An Apocalyptic, Sectarian Interpretation
VII. The Reverse of the Curse. Wisdom Versus Law in Other Pauline Letters
VIII. Christian Apocalyptic Interpretations of Wisdom and Law. The Judaizers and Matthew
IX. Christian Apologetic Interpretations of Wisdom and Law. Luke-Acts and James

C Marvin Pate Born 1952; 1982 M.A. Wheaton Graduate School/USA; 1988 PhD. Marquette University/USA; since 1988 Professor of Bible, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago/USA.


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