Nathan LaMontagne

The Song of Deborah in the Septuagint

[Das Deboralied in der Septuaginta.]

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In this work, Nathan LaMontagne examines the Song of Deborah in Judges 5 as it existed during the Hellenistic period. He analyzes the text of the Song, and discusses how this Jewish work, in translation, functions as a work of literature among other Hellenistic compositions.
In this work, Nathan LaMontagne examines the Song of Deborah (Judges 5) as it existed in the Septuagint during the Hellenistic period. He examines first the text of Judges 5, and discusses the problems with the consensus that the Greek texts represent only one original translation. He then establishes a text-critical base text from which the rest of the work proceeds. After examining the Greek text's relationship to the Hebrew, the author also looks at the way that the translation preserves poetic structure in translation. Finally, he analyzes the meaning of the text in Hellenistic Judaism, and what relationship it has to other works of the Hellenistic period.

Nathan LaMontagne Born 1983; 2003 B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology; 2007 MA in Theology; 2013 PhD; currently teaches courses in biblical studies and biblical literature at Catholic Distance University, St. Meinrad's Seminary, and an adjunct in person class at Howard University School of Divinity.


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