Liane M. Feldman

The Story of Sacrifice

Ritual and Narrative in the Priestly Source

[Die Geschichte des Opfers. Ritual und Narrativ in der Priesterschrift.]

2020. XIII, 245 pages.

Forschungen zum Alten Testament 141

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Published in English.
In this volume, Liane M. Feldman takes a fresh look at the relationship between the detailed ritual instructions in Leviticus and the broader Priestly narrative in the Pentateuch, arguing that the two are deeply interdependent and that the ritual materials can and should be read as literature.
The sacrificial instructions and purity laws in Leviticus have often been seen as later or secondary additions to an originally sparse Priestly narrative. In this volume, Liane M. Feldman argues that the ritual and narrative elements of the Pentateuchal Priestly source are mutually dependent, and that the internal logic and structure of the Priestly narrative makes sense only when they are read together. Bringing together insights from the fields of ritual theory and narratology, the author argues that the ritual materials in Leviticus should be understood and analyzed as literature. At the core of her study is the assertion that these sacrificial instructions and purity laws form the backbone of the Priestly story world, and that when these materials are read within their broader narrative context, the Priestly narrative is first and foremost a story about the origins and purpose of sacrifice.

Liane M. Feldman Born 1984; studied English Literature at Northeastern University; 2006 BA; studied Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School; 2012 M.A.R.; 2018 PhD from the University of Chicago; currently Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University.


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