Giuseppe G. Scollo

The Strength Needed to Enter the Kingdom of God

An Exegetical and Theological Study of Luke 16,16 in Context

[Die Kraft, um Gottes Königreich zu betreten. Eine exegetische und theologische Studie von Lukas 16,16 im Kontext.]

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In this work, Giuseppe G. Scollo offers a complex understanding of the phenomenon of violence through an in-depth study of Luke 16:16, allowing for the possibility of a positive link between »violence« and »love.«
By means of an in-depth study of Luke 16:16 and its context, Giuseppe G. Scollo intends to draw its readers into new scholarly appreciation of one of the most ambiguous and discussed NT sayings, an authentic crux interpretum in modern scholarship, that of the so-called »violence passage,« as recorded in the Gospel of Luke: »The law and the prophets lasted until John; but from then on the kingdom of God is proclaimed, and everyone who enters does so with violence« (NAB 2011). While issues that still demand an explanation by modern-day exegetes are addressed (see the meaning of »violence« contained in the verb biazomai, the identity of the alleged »violent« agents, and the nature of their action with regard to the basileia of God), evidence warrants a new look at the teachings surrounding the Lucan verse and its narrative setting in the light of the love commandment and its Targumic interpretation.

Giuseppe G. Scollo Born 1978; 2000 Bachelor of Catholic Thought from St. Philip's Seminary (Toronto); 2007 M.Div. from St. Augustine's Seminary (Toronto); 2013 S.S.L. from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome); 2018 S.T.D. from the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome); currently vice-rector of the Redemptoris Mater Missionary Seminary of Toronto and assistant professor at St. Augustine's Academic Faculty.


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