Matthias Henze

The Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel

Introduction, Text, and Commentary

[Die syrische Apokalypse Daniels. Einführung, Text und Kommentar. Von Matthias Henze.]

unrevised e-book edition 2020; Original edition 2001; 2001. 157 pages.

Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum / Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity 11

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Published in English.
Matthias Henze has prepared the editio princeps of the hitherto unknown Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel that represents a wider branch of Christian literature from the seventh century which bears testimony to the strong apocalyptic currency at that time.
Matthias Henze has prepared the editio princeps of the Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel, a hitherto unknown apocalypse composed in the early seventh century A.D. in Syriac and preserved in a single manuscript only. Following an introduction to the Apocalypse, the book includes an edition of the Syriac text, an English translation, and a detailed commentary.
Like the biblical Daniel on which it is closely modelled, the Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel is an 'historical' apocalypse, i.e. it has two parts: the 'historical' first part relates the adventures of Daniel in midrashic form, from his deportation by Nebuchadnezzar until his return to Persia from Jerusalem which he visits with King Darius. Upon returning to Persia, Daniel has a sequence of apocalyptic visions which are recorded in the latter, eschatological part of the text and which describe the gradual unfolding of the end of time.
The Syriac Apocalypse has preserved a number of motifs worth exploring: the messianic woes, the Gates of the North erected by Alexander the Great, a description of Antichrist's physiognomy, the Second Coming of Christ, and the new Jerusalem. Equally important, the Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel bears testimony to the vibrant apocalyptic currency in Syriac Christianity.

Matthias Henze Born 1965; 1997 PhD Harvard University; Isla Carroll & Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas.


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