Ferdinand Hahn

Theologie des Neuen Testaments

Band I: Die Vielfalt des Neuen Testaments – Theologiegeschichte des Urchristentums. Band II: Die Einheit des Neuen Testaments – Thematische Darstellung

[Theology of the New Testament. Volume I: The Diversity of the New Testament – A History of the Theology of Early Christianity. Volume II: The Unity of the New Testament – Description by Subject. 3rd edition.]

3rd, re- reviewed edition; 2011. C, 1736 pages.
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Published in German.
»Indeed, in terms of its critical sophistication and attempt at theological synthesis, Hahn's work is the most significant Theologie to emerge since Bultmann's.«
C. Kavin Rowe in Journal of Biblical Literature 125 (2006), pgs. 393–410
In this textbook, Ferdinand Hahn provides a survey of the New Testament. The first volume begins with a description of the diversity of the early Christian records in the form of a history of the theology of early Christianity. The author deals with Pauline and deutero-Pauline theology and the non-Pauline writings of Hellenistic Jewish Christianity as well as with the Synoptic Gospels including Acts and Johannine theology. Volume I concludes with a preview of the transitional period leading to the early church. In Volume II, the author presents a detailed discussion on the unity of New Testament records using individual subjects as examples. The purpose of this work is to provide the readers with as clear a picture as possible of the New Testament text and the problems involved in it.

Ferdinand Hahn 1926–2015. 1954–56 im kirchlichen Dienst; 1956–62 wissenschaftlicher Assistent in Heidelberg; 1961 Promotion; 1963 Habilitation; 1964–68 o. Professor für Neues Testament in Kiel, 1968–76 in Mainz, 1976–94 in München.


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