Theology and Practice in Early Christianity 978-3-16-159488-5 - Mohr Siebeck

Troy W. Martin

Theology and Practice in Early Christianity

Essays New and Old with Updated Reception Histories

[Theologie und Praxis im frühen Christentum. Neue und alte Aufsätze mit aktualisierter Rezeptionsgeschichte.]

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This volume with collected essays by Troy W. Martin provides new insights into early Christian theology and practice from the perspectives of ancient philosophy, rhetoric, physiology, and medicine. General topics such as salvation, sacraments, pneumatology, and eschatology are explored as well as specific practices such as circumcision, the veiling of women, and male/female relationships.
Early Christianity did not originate in a vacuum but in a world of linguistic, social, religious, and cultural richness and diversity. The twenty-two seminal essays in this volume — some previously published, some newly written — represent almost three decades of research by Troy W. Martin to understand how early Christianity developed in the ancient world. The broad-ranging investigations in these essays give attention not only to the linguistic and rhetorical features of early Christian texts, but also to the social, philosophical, physiological, and medical contexts in which these texts were written. The essays provide new understandings of early Christian conceptions of salvation and of the virtues of faith, hope and love that characterized early Christian communities. They include new medical and physiological explanations of early Christian sacraments, pneumatology, and eschatology and furthermore investigate early Christian communal life and practice, including the veiling of women, male/female relationships, and time-keeping. The essays include reception histories that describe their influence on subsequent research and place them within the context of contemporary research and scholarship. Those familiar with the well-trodden ground of New Testament studies will find in these essays new insights and previously unexplored comparative material for understanding early Christianity and the world in which it originated.

Troy W. Martin Born 1953; BA and MA from Southern Nazarene University; MDiv from Nazarene Theological Seminary; 1990 PhD from the University of Chicago; currently Professor of Biblical Studies in the Department of Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theology at Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL.


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