Andrea Vestrucci

Theology as Freedom

On Martin Luther's »De servo arbitrio«

[Theologie als Freiheit. Zu Martin Luthers »De servo arbitrio".]

2019. XII, 335 pages.

Dogmatik in der Moderne 24

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Andrea Vestrucci presents a pioneering analysis of Martin Luther's »De servo arbitrio,« one of the most challenging works of Christian theology. From the hidden God to predestination, from justification to ontology, from logic to aesthetics, the author explores a paradigm-shifting perspective on theological language.
Andrea Vestrucci presents a pioneering perspective on Luther and Erasmus's theological dispute on freedom. He argues that Luther's »De servo arbitrio« does not simply negate Erasmus's concept of freedom; rather, and more profoundly, Luther's work questions and modifies the logical foundations of Erasmus's position. As a result, theology is the freedom to challenge the formal conditions of meaning. In accordance with this new perspective, the author introduces groundbreaking analyses of central theological issues, such as God's hiddenness (Deus absconditus), justification, predestination, and theodicy. Moreover, he addresses topics of current debate, from the relationship between Luther and Kant to the ontological interpretation of Luther, to the existentialist approach in theology.

Andrea Vestrucci PhD, University of Lille SHS, France, and University of Milan, Italy; ThD, University of Geneva, Switzerland; formerly Professor of Ethics and Logic at the Federal University of Fortaleza, Brazil, and Australia Award Fellow of Monash University, Australia; as Laureate of the Academic Society of Geneva, he currently carries out his research at the University of California Berkeley, and he is Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA.


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