Marius van Hoogstraten

Theopoetics and Religious Difference

The Unruliness of the Interreligious: A Dialogue with Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, and Catherine Keller
[Theopoetik und religiöse Differenz. Die Widerspenstigkeit der Interreligiösen. Ein Dialog mit Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo und Catherine Keller.]
2020. XI, 259 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-159801-2
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Why are interreligious encounters and relations both more troubling and more promising than typically assumed, and how can this be embraced? In engaging the contemporary theological discourse of »theopoetics«, Marius van Hoogstraten offers a way of approaching religious difference that, while perhaps unusual to readers familiar with more conventional theology, may be especially fitting for this age.

Religion in Philosophy and Theology (RPT)