Toledot Yeshu in Context

The Jewish »Life of Jesus« in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History
Edited by Daniel Barbu and Yaacov Deutsch
[Toledot Yeshu im Kontext. Das jüdische »Leben Jesu« in antiker, mittelalterlicher und moderner Geschichte.]
2020. VIII, 358 pages.
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  • 978-3-16-159300-0
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The Jewish »Life of Jesus« or Toledot Yeshu provides a polemical account of the beginnings of Christianity. The present volume considers this narrative as an object of history, questions its transmission, reception and function within the various historical settings in which it circulated, and seeks to understand its meaning for both Jews and non-Jews from antiquity to the modern era.

Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism (TSAJ)