Jewish Studies

Dalia Marx

Tractates Tamid, Middot and Qinnim

Volume V/9. A Feminist Commentary

[Die Traktate Tamid, Middot und Qinnim. Ein feministischer Kommentar.]

2013. XII, 258 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-152496-7
Published in English.
The feminist commentary of Tamid, Middot and Qinnim, the three last tractates of the order of Qodashim, shows how the Rabbis employ images of women to develop their discourse. Dalia Marx opens a unique window into the rabbis' perspectives on the Temple and gender related matters.
Dalia Marx provides a general introduction and feminist commentary on the last three tractates of the order of Qodashim. Each tractate deals with different aspects of the Second Temple as perceived by the rabbis and each sheds its own light on gender issues. The commentary on Tamid, a tractate dealing with the priestly service in the Temple, discusses the priests as a »gender unto themselves« and considers women as potential participants in the lay-service of the Temple and perhaps even as part of the sacred service. Middot concerns itself with the design of the Temple, and the commentary explores sacred space from a gendered perspective. Finally, Marx turns to Qinnim, a tractate dealing with bird offerings, typically brought by women. The commentary shows how the tractate employs images of women to develop its discourse. This volume opens a unique window onto the rabbis' perspectives on the Temple and gender related matters.

Dalia Marx Born 1966; earned her doctorate at the Hebrew University and her rabbinic ordination at HUC-JIR in Jerusalem and Cincinnati. She is an associate professor of liturgy and midrash at the Jerusalem campus of Hebrew Union College-JIR, and teaches in various academic institutions in Israel and Europe.


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