Jewish Studies

Two Nations: British and German Jews in Comparative Perspective

Ed. by Michael Brenner, Rainer Liedtke and David Rechter. Co-ordinator Werner E. Mosse

[Zwei Nationen: Britische und Deutsche Juden in vergleichender Perspektive. Herausgegeben von Michael Brenner, Rainer Liedtke und David Rechter. Koordiniert von Werner E. Mosse.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-147106-3
Published in English.
International scholars of Jewish history contribute to the comparative study of British and German Jewish history and thus open up new avenues for the understanding of these diverse Jewish societies.
International scholars and specialists in Jewish, German, British and European history offer this first comparative approach to the study of German and British Jewish history from the late 18th century to the 1930s. The volume's comparative dimension goes beyond a parallel exploration of the Jewish experience in the two societies by examining British and German Jewries in equal measure and discussing a broad spectrum of social, political, cultural and economic issues.
Survey of contents
Werner E. Mosse: Introduction – David Ruderman: Was There an English Parallel to the German Haskalah? With a Comment by Andreas GotzmannReinhard Rürup: Jewish Emancipation in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by David CesaraniMichael A. Meyer: Jewish Religious Reform in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by Hugh McLeodTony Kushner: Comparing Anti-Semitisms. A Useful Exercise? With a Comment by Till van RahdenLloyd P. Gartner: Eastern European Jewish Emigrants: Britain and Germany Compared. With a Comment by Trude MaurerDavid Feldman: The Jews and the State in Britain – Christopher Clark: The Jews and the State in Germany. With a Combined Comment by Christhard HoffmannStephan Wendehorst: Zionism in Britain and Germany. A Comparison. With a Comment by David RechterEdgar Feuchtwanger: The Jewishness of Conservative Politicians: Disraeli and Stahl. With a Comment by John BreuillyTodd M. Endelman: Jewish Self-Hatred in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by Paul Mendes-FlohrRainer Liedtke: Jewish Welfare in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by Steve Paulsson – Youssef Cassis: Aspects of the Jewish Business Elite in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by Avraham Barkai – Niall Ferguson: The Rothschilds in National Contexts. With a Comment by Wolfgang J. MommsenSusan Tananbaum: Jewish Feminist Organisations in Britain and Germany at the Turn of the Century – Paul Weindling: Jews in the Medical Profession in Britain and Germany. With a Comment by Peter AlterRitchie Robertson: Jews in German and British Literary Representation. With a Comment by Edward TimmsHelga Krohn: Jewish Culture in the Showcase – Bill Williams: The Preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Britain. With a combined Comment by Gerhard HirschfeldBernd Weisbrod: Conclusion

M. Brenner Born 1964; 1994 Ph.D. at Columbia University; currently Professor of Jewish History and Culture at the Universität München.

R. Liedtke Born 1967; Studies of History in Bochum, Warwick, and Oxford; currently working at the Department of History, Gießen University.

D. Rechter Born 1958; 1995 Ph.D. at Hebrew University; currently Clore Fellow in Modern Jewish History, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies; Research Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford; Hebrew Centre Lecturer in Jewish History at Oxford University.


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