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Alexander Thiele


Die drei Verlustebenen der Demokratie
[Democracy Lost. The Three Deficient Areas of Democracy. 2nd edition.]
2nd up-dated and extended edition; 2018. XII, 375 pages.
Published in German.
  • sewn paper
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  • 978-3-16-155854-2
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Around the world liberal democracies are subject to massive and mostly internal critique. While much of the criticism is founded in a false understanding of what democracy actually is, the truth is that democratic life nonetheless falls short for several reasons. In this extended second edition, Alexander Thiele's main focus on the current situation in Germany is widened to include developments elsewhere as he analyses these deficiencies and what can be done to revitalise democratic life.

»Thieles Studie zeigt Probleme auf, benennt Ursachen und entwickelt Lösungsmöglichkeiten – durch Recht geleitet, an gesamtgesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen ausgerichtet; sie bietet damit eine kritische 'Demokratielehre' nicht nur für und in Deutschland.«
Ludwig Gramlich JZ 2016, 896