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Gerrit Hölzle

Verstrickung durch Desinformation

Eine rechtsdogmatische Auseinandersetzung auf Grundlage einer ökonomischen Analyse im Recht
[Involvement through Disinformation. A Debate in Legal Dogmatics on the Basis of an Economic Analysis.]
2012. XXIV, 641 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-150937-7
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Gerrit Hölzle provides the first integrated economic-legal analysis of the new institutions of the modernized law of obligation. In doing so, he develops a system for the application of economic topics in the law, a system which is integrated into the interpretive canon of legal dogmatics. The basis for demonstrating the application of the system developed by the author is the law of sale and purchase agreements with a particular focus on information asymmetry.

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